Monday, March 17, 2003


Writing from a friend's computer, which I have rudely hogged for the last few hours. Spring break is rockin' - mostly. I have had a ton of fun with my sister, and with Susan, too. Got to see mom twice in two days, and managed to take a picture where neither one of us was making stupid, stupid faces.

Leave tomorrow for nyCCCC. Thus ends one stage of the Spring Break TavelFest 2003 and begins the next.

Tomorrow I must consume a Guinness to make up for not doing so tonight. It's St. Patrick's Day! Hope you had a good one.

I gotta go to bed. Must get up and repack, and then make it to the post office to9 mail back presents I soimply have no room to tote to NYC on the train. I love my aunt, but really, I have no way to transport her generous gifts on train, via subway, in taxi, and on plane all over the east coast and back to the midwest again.


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