Thursday, March 13, 2003


*yawn* I am doing laundry and transferring computer files from the desktop to the laptop. I'm leavin' on a jetplane :) at 10:25 in the AM. Not super-early, but not mid-afternoon, either. No guarantees about online access while staying with my sister, hanging out with Susan, or bumming around CCCC in NYC (or nyCCCC - cute, huh?)

Few comments/rants:

I can't wait to be back in nyc, but I am apprehensive, too. New York was a place I lived and learned and loved in for a brief but key period in my personal development (and my bestest friend was there with me, through thick and thin!). I'd never be the person I am now had I not lived on ramen and worked for Greenpeace at the age of 18. That was a while ago, but there is a part of me that is still that 18-yer-old girl, ignorant and broke, arriving in NYC with a best friend and a collection of nine bags between the two of us. This trip will be, I believe, the longest period of time I have been back in new york since moving away on a very sad and emotional day in late January of 1995. God, did I cry - all the way to D.C., and then at random sniffly little intervals across the southern portion of the united states. It's unreal, that it was so long ago - I can still taste the burnt sweet of the concessions in the subway stations, and can still smell the cold air whipping around the corners on 59th street, flying under and around the queensboro bridge, into our unheated, overpriced shoebox apartment. It was the best and worst time of my life, really.

Ok, the other one's the semi-rant - well, it was supposed to be before I waxed nostalgic (hey, I'm tired, and I was on campus until 11 tonight, after approximately NO sleep last night). How in the hell can I have a rating of 76% on, a decent rqating overall, and have only 2 stars on Eatonweb, a pretty abysmal rating? Huh? 'Splain me, someone.

Ok, I gotta finish packing. Um, start packing. Wait, the laundry needs to be done first. Hell. Sleep's for the weak and the dead, right? Keep going this way, I'll be the former, then the latter. Blargh!

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