Monday, March 10, 2003


*yawn* the presentation's done, the response paper for class tomorrow's mailed (ok, a bit late, but . . . ). I am hungry and sleepy, need to call my grandma and tell her happy 90th birthday (!!!!), finish my AOIR proposal, work out (before the 10 PM curfew imposed by by downstairs neighbors - who banged on their celinig because I walked across my apartment floor at 12:30 last night), and get in bed early enough to make it to class tomorrow morning. Blech. I am so completely looking forward to leaving town on Friday (wish Eric could come, though), but I have so very much to do before then. Ick. And even so, vacationing at a conference isn't my idea of a blast. I will enjoy speidning a few days with the little sister, the mom, and the Susan-friend in D.C., though. I wish I could get home more frequently. I like my family, and I miss them - especially now that my sister and I are old enough to be friends with one another instead of fighting all the time.

- posted by laurie @ 3/10/2003 06:36:00 PM
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