Sunday, April 13, 2003


All I did this weekend was work. And I feel like, even though I worked all weekend, I didn't accomplish anything I really wanted to. Hell!

I'm just venting. The end of the semester is nearing, and so I am becoming the anxious stressball I become every semester. Let me tell you, though: there is NO WAY I will be as freaked out as I was last semester, which was just hell. Never take a quantiative methds course for fun!

I'm supposed to have a very early morning commitment tomorrow, and I am trying to decide if said commitment is too early in the morning, and if perhaps it could be completed at another time.

Blogging from here on out might be sparse, academic, and of a stress-relieving nature from here on out. Just a warning, you know?

- posted by laurie @ 4/13/2003 11:07:00 PM
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