Friday, April 18, 2003


hello . . . ooo . . . oo . . o . o

*chirp* *chirp*

I know, I know, the memex has been feeling neglected these days. Not a lot of information going in, not a lot of associational linking going on, and, well, very little in the way of spiralling train wrecks.

A friend observed yesterday that she's surprised I have time to blog. Sometimes, so am I! But you know what? I love it. Love it less than They Might Be Giants and cream cheese wontons (sorry, I had Chinese tonight! :) ), but more than writing seminar papers or reading about discourse processing and neuroimiaging studies (really, I gotta throw up some links for you guys, my three dear readers, to check out. This stuff sometimes hurts - especially when night-owl me tries to read for class at 2 am. the supra-what? the tepor-huh? it's in the brain, I know that much . . . ).

Great randomness today, sorry. I have been sitting more or less in the same spot, at the computer at my kitchen table, all day. all day. So if I am off kilter, I sort of have an excuse!

Oh, by the way - about the nont enough time comment - when I was a brand-new graduate student at Penn State, I met this Ph D student - he was in the sciences (can't remember what field precisely). He told me that if I kept working until everything was done, I would work my entire time in graduate school, never have any fun, and suffer from chrinic guilt whenever I did anything non-scholarly. Balance is important. So, blogging, or reading a novel for ten minutes or so every day, or exercising - these things are important.

Besides, not watching TV frees up an amazing amount of time to fritter away on other things - like email, surfing the net, bloghopping, (re)designing webpages that may or may not ever make it off of the hard drive, etc.

Well Eric just called, and he's stuck at work, judging Magic (the Gathering, you know?) tournaments, and he asked me to run to the grocery, since he'll be home grotesquely late and is opening tomorrow morning, so I gota go.

See? Total randomness. Disculpe!

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