Thursday, April 03, 2003


I had a good birthday! It's over, though festivities will continue tomorrow. I got calls and greetings from a nice range of friends old and new, as well as all of the family members (including a really funny message from my brother-in-law). Dinner was yummy, and though I have a billion things to do and need to be awake enough to do observations at my research site at 8:30 tomorrow AM, Eric and I rented and watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Neither of us had seen it before, and we both enjoyed it!

All rightie, I'm printing off informed consent forms and then going to bed with Lessig's The Future of Ideas for a little bedtime reading.

Hey friends and fam, I love you guys! I'm a lucky, lucky woman, to have such good friends, supportive family members, and, of course, the most wonderful husband ever! Geting sappy again, sorry! 'Night!

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