Tuesday, April 01, 2003


I have a whole host of random things to blog about and, considering insomnia hit me like a gallon of espresso early this morning (went to bed at 2 am and awoke, finally and irrevocably, a bit before 5 am), I have the time to do so. I'm a bit punchy, though, so excuse spelling and randomness. I'll be in fine shape by the time my Psych of Language class gets out at 11!

Ok, getting started: I already got exactly what I wanted for my birthday, even though I don't officially enter the Late Twenties until Thursday. Eric gave me my presents early: a French press and a replacement wedding ring. It's really the latter that I am so excited about! I managed to lose mine about a year ago (we think down the bathroom sink, with the aid of evil-kitty-Tybalt, who is currently in the doghouse for attacking full glasses of water in two separate mini-flood episodes yestersday). The new band is pretty simple, and looks a lot like Eric's band. I love it! I'm so happy to have a wedding band again.

I also got birthday presents from Jessica: yummy Dirty Girl soaps and pretty sparkly powder. I have revised my earlier opinion: I decided a few years ago that I was too old for such silliness. I think it was going to graduate school and being little-fish-big-pond-bottom-of-the-heap again, but I got a bit conservative in dress and comportment. Perhaps it's the new haircut or renewed sense of confidence or determination that grad school will not grind me down, but I've been rebelling against the boring me that has been hanging around for about the last three years. I've been denying the freak within, and that's just a)no good and b)no fun. Besides, it doesn't really work.

I have also gotten myself some things already - kinda but not really for my birthday. I am really trying to take care of my body and spirit and not neglect them in favor of developing my mind. I have to say here that I love bell hooks, who reminds me over and over again that the body/mind split is not healthy. So, I got the Living Arts AM/PM Yoga set as well as the nifty little starter yoga kit, complete with mat, blocks, and strap. As soon as I get done writing this post, I am going to go do the AM workout for the second day running. We'll see how long this keeps up, but it actually made me feel really good yesterday morning, and I think it will be a good compliment to my physical therapy exercises, which do seem to be helping my back and shoulder a lot.

I also got a pedometer, because I am going into training. For what, you ask? Well, for the MS Challenge Walk. I haven't registered yet, but do plan to soon. September 20-22, I'll be walking 50 miles to raise awareness about MS and to raise money for research and MS Society local and national programs. Chances are, I'll be asking some of the readers of this blog to chip in a few bones, but it is for an excellent cause. MS can be devastating to individuals and their families, but the MS society can reduce this to some extent. I'm speaking from experience here, because (for those who don't know) my mom has MS. The MS society has helped her out quite a bit (and they have helped the family somewhat, as well), and I think it's time for me to give a bit back. Besides, walking about 15 miles a week during training (in addition to the yoga and the aerobic stuff I try to do regularly already and the weights I do infrequently at best) should get me in shape, just in time for another long Minnesota winter, of course!

Well, if I am to have coffee after doing yoga and still make it to class on time, I should get going. Hope I stay awake through my class!

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