Wednesday, April 02, 2003


My blog ate my homework . . .

Not really, but it did eat yet another blog post yesterday. At least I had no template trouble, like everyone else in the world did yesterday! Anyone know if that was a hack or some weird server hiccough, or what?

Anyway, Eric and I went on training walk #1 yesterday. We walked for about an hour, but got slightly less than three miles of walking done. I feel, as my little imood icon says, achy. Have for the last few days now.

I have to go hit the shower and get to campus, where I have some things I have to get tone just sitting there waiting for me. Then I have to come back here and get done the things I have to get done here. Blech.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yay! I will spend it in class and then working on my research project. Perhaps I shoudl resign myself to sucky birthdays, it would be easier that way.

I end on a random note, as usual: a plug for a blog I like to read. Caveat Lector always has something good, but two recent posts caught my attention. This post links to the author's page about grad school which, in many ways, I wish I had come across when I was going through the application process. I might have been too arrogant or naive to appreciate it at that point, but I sure as hell appreciate it now. The second post should strike a chord with the UMN Department of Rhetoric readers, especially those who, like me, are doing the 8011/12 sequence this year. Participant observation? Being the user? The odd and interesting background described in the first proposal? This is reminding me of Bernadette Longo's Spurious Coin, with hints of Winsor. And of course the ethnography and participant observation makes me think of Dr. Berkenkotter and of the Berkenkotter and Huckin book.

And now I must go get ready to leave the house. It's a beautiful day: hopefully I can get through with the campus stuff soon so I can have some ouside time. Maybe another walk is in order. Today is supposed to be a "day off" according to the training schedule, but it's so nice out and I didn't walk the suggested four miles yesterday. Then again, I have five million things to do - do I have time for an hour-long walk? We'll see. . .

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