Sunday, April 20, 2003


oh hey! for those that know what this'll be referring to -- I am done. YAAAYYYYY!

i feel the sudden urge to never use capital letters again. think i could get away with it? probably not.

In slightly pre-celebration of being done, I went out with Eric last night for sustenance (Good Earth), refreshment (grande soy latte B&N-Starbucks style), and new music. Bought the "new" They Might Be Giants collection, the Dial-a-Song 20th Anniversary collection, and the Snatch soundtrack. Both are very cool, but you can guess, can you not, which one I am more excited about? Yeah, even though the Dial-a-Song collection is mainly re-releases of stuff that can be gotten elsewhere (which menas I already have it), there are a few things that make it worth it, like the Malcolm in the Middle theme song and the live version of "Actual Size" with the drum solo. THE drum solo. "For Animal from the Muppet Show, please press or say 9." Otherwise, it's like having a new mix of TMBG songs that I arranged and burned myself. But of course I didn't arrange them myself, and so I have to remember that not everyone thinks "The End of the Tour" should only go at the END of an album. Makes sense to me!

My printer has spent the last hour, literally, printing out reading for the next week of Psychology of Language. I am afraid. I am very afraid. I am leading class this Thursday and the following Tuesday and Turday, as well. And the printer just won't stop. Shit.

Guess I'd better get reading.

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