Monday, April 07, 2003


Randomness, because it's late:

1. Reminder to self and others that I semi-maintain a blog that has more to do with research stuff at emergence.

2. I am, scary monsters, the top Laurie Johnson (or was, anyway) on MSN Search. Eek! Johnson anonymity is, uh, gone? Referrer logs are a mixed blessing, I suppose.

3. someone recently arrived here from a page that has no apparent active links, and yet was listed as the referring url. Anyone want to explain that one?

4. The copyright forum was cool. I wish I had been able to go to the Loring after. But knowming me I would have ducked into a corner and not really talked to anyone, anyway, so my time was better spent at home.

5. Shameful disclosure: I had Burger King today. And then Eric brougt home some hot dogs - kosher, but still - and i had one of those. I really don't eat beef unless it's something like a really good filet mignon. Bad Laurie, but oh, the burger and fries were yummy.

6. I'm beat. Psych of Language looms in the near future. Hey, what the hell is noise masking, and why would it prove anything about semantic processing? And why do some people cling so tenaciously to nativist, modular models of language processing? Oh, happy am I that I have not been subjected to too awfully much Chomsky in the course of my life! Such theories, featuring nativist and universalist arguments, really get my social-constructivist/cutural studies feathers all ruffled.

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