Thursday, May 29, 2003


a canvassing update - a bit late

I should have posted yesterday, but just didn't get around to it. Yes, I made my goals on Tuesday, and some. I'm hanging at a weekly average a few bucks over where I need to be to make staff (have to keep up the average for two weeks). Tuesday night was a great night. We're in the St. Paul Midway area right now, and there are a lot of very cool folks out in that neighborhood. I wish I could afford a house out in that area, even as a renter. Anyway, lots of good people very concerned about nuclear waste buildup, renewable energy mandates for the state and country, and WINDPOWER! I also met a Great Dane for the first time. I'd never seen one of these pony-sized beasties up close before. I'm really very happy he was a friendly dog, and his person was an interesting genleman who became a supporter and made a generous donation, geting my night off to a very nice start.

Last night was a little rougher. I swear, it was so pretty outside that no one was home. I had knocked on all of the doors on my turf twice by 8:20, leaving me short of quota and with really no one else to talk to for the last 40 minutes.

I met a person last night that did kind of sadden me, though. Beautiful house, lots of progressive stuff out in the yard (peace signs, etc). Very cool decorations all over the house. Person answers the door wearing a tie-dyed peace sign t-shirt, approaches me standing on her doorstep, and then spots the canvasser's tool of the trade, the clipboard. She froze. She pointed. She looked as if smoke might start pouring out of her ears. She said, "No. Just no, ok?" People like that always make me sad: obvious they care, and they'd probably do something to help out, but why the strong reaction to a person with a clipboard? It's how things get done: takes money and voices to fight the good fights, and so the canvassers of the world hit the pavement to raise some funds, grassroots-style.

new eyeballs

have to get running here in a few minutes because, after about four years, I have finally decided to get new glasses. I need a new pair so very badly! I was astounded I passed the eye test when I moved to PA in 2000, and was shocked again when I passed the MN test and got my license here, as well! And, excitement, I might get contacts again. I did say might - my last experiment with contacts did, indeed, prove that my eyes are really, really, sensitive. Really. And after the eye exam, it's to the office, and then to the other office. I'm a bit busier than I'd like to be right now, holdling down two jobs and finishing up a research project which will only indicate the beginning of a new research project. I hate working over 40 hours a week, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to pay rent and car payment and keep Marie Callendar's pot pies and halfway decent coffee in the freezer.

In other, somewhat related news, Eric is at a job interview right now. It started moments ago. Keep those fingers crossed! Oh, yes, and did not get the web intern position. I wasn't really expecting to: I have no knowledge of flash and limited knowledge of imaging/drawing software, and lots o' other youngins out there do. Such is life, yes?

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