Monday, May 19, 2003


Diary of a Canvasser, part one (sort-of)

A few hours ago I returned home from my first evening of canvassing (well, the first in about eight years). I will not divulge publicly the amount of money I raised this evening: suffice it to say, it wasn't particularly good. On the other hand, I got a lot of people who opened the door to take a look at my clipboard and to agree to sign and show support for the issue. These things are, in the world of the canvass trainee, good.

I am still too nervous about being back out there to be a truly effective canvasser. Also - it appears that canvassing "on the coasts" - and that means either left or right - is different than canvasing here in the middle of the country. There's a different qualtiy of interaction and a different speed of speech. Very interesting info for a non-native of Minnesota! Of course, some of the "types" carry over - the partisans who don't believe your organization is non-partisan, the interesting and animated elderly (who might trap you in their nostalgic stories for hours), the supportive-but-won't-give-you-a-penny-no-matter-how-important-or-urgent, and the just truly loopy. And there are the concerned and supportive, the activist-minded, the caring, the compassionate, the kind souls. Not all of the former group decline to sign or donate, and not all of the latter sign up and throw money. This actually makes me feel relatively good about human nature: given reason enough, and perhaps time (am I really paraphrasing Donne and talking about canvassing??? Oh, the shame!), people can think for themselves and not hold to a strict party line.

I think that's about it for me tonight. Night two of canvassing coming at you tomorrow night. *yawn* - bed calls - have an early appointment tomorrow to get my eyes examined - perhaps I will actually see well sometime in the near future (and perhaps I can get contacts and show off my best feature - my green eyes - sometime in that same near future!).

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