Thursday, May 08, 2003


Goood morning! Today is my last day of class. Which is not so say that I don't still have a ton of work to do!

Waiting for coffee to finish, and I thought I'd check in here, read my referrer files, and then maybe write. So, here I am!

From the referrer files:
persuasuve speech on soy milk? - good luck with that one!

and, to the folks who got here looking for drylighters or Levenger drylighters: buy one. The drylighters are cool! Very wirth the $$$, especially if you get the refillable one and some extra leads.

All right, trying to NOT be late for the last day of class (the prof may have a heart attack if I am actually there on time!). Must caffeinate, clothe self, manhandle hair into some sort of style (ponytail, most likely), and DRIVE!

- posted by laurie @ 5/08/2003 07:01:00 AM