Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Mine was ok: got to talk to friends and family, and hung out with some folks at a barbecue. Pretty low-key. I didn't, now that I'm thinking of it, get to talk to my dad - wonder why he didn't call. Probably flying planes or riding motorcycles somewhere out in the desert in Southern California.

I've got to go back to work this afternoon. I'm kind of edgy about it. Will I make fudraising goals, or not? What happens in either case? Do I need to shop resumes areound temp services like, now? Wonder when I'll hear about the web intern poisiton? All of these thoughts bouncing around in my head as we begin a summer with the worst job prospects since the mid-sixties, according to the evening news last night.

Wish me luck (though I'm not sure what would count as "luck" at this point)!

- posted by laurie @ 5/27/2003 10:10:00 AM
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