Sunday, May 18, 2003


I am in a funky mood, so this'll be short and sweet - I have other things to do.

First of all, I have a reader in Bermuda, and I think that rocks! Hi, thanks for reading, and welcome!

Secondly, I have been getting hits for the Into the Blogosphere collection, which is very good. It will be a great collection, my friends, so submit your proposals!

Thirdly, flu in May? What hit me so hard in the last few days bore resemblance to the flu in numerous ways, but I am very confused as to where it came from - I can think of no one who has even mentioned flu in the last, oh, month and a half. Were the viral nasties waiting until the end of the semester to exact maximum annoyance and inconvenience?

Must go out to get coffee. Need some energy. Must get back in time to do work and also see the Simpsons and Malcolm season finales (nevermind that they will be the second episode of each show - I have bunny-ear-antennae now, it's summer, and I will have TV crack).

- posted by laurie @ 5/18/2003 03:31:00 PM
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