Tuesday, May 13, 2003


I'd just about finished a post when an accidental set of keystrokes sent me to my homepage. You'll have to wait until later to hear about my fabulous weekend - delectable Friday dinner at Barley John's (if you're in the Twin Cities area, you must dine here), fun party on Saturday evening, and lovely third anniversary yesterday. Now, however, I must manage to get to school, do some work there, get home, do some work on my last paper, and then get dolled up for the evening (um, read:change out of ancient tank top and comb hair). Eric has a coworker who's recently come of age, and he'd like some help figuring out what kind of beer, excatly, he likes. Eric and I, along with some of the other coworkers, are obligingly helping him discover his tastes, and we might have a sip or two in the spirit of assistance and cooperation! :)

So until later, my friends . . .

- posted by laurie @ 5/13/2003 03:22:00 PM
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