Friday, May 30, 2003


I'll start out with the awesome news!!!
Eric came home from his iunterview yesterday convinced that it had gone poorly. He couldn't cite any specific snags in the interview, but thought that he and the interviewer did not hit it off, and just didn't have a good feeling about things. So, of course, we were pretty excited when we both returned home from our respective jobs late last night to find a message from a person at the company asking him to please call back. It was, of course, too late, and so he planned to call this morning around ten. Well, they actually beat him to it: at nine this morning the phone rang: it was someone in HR, informing him that he had, indeed, been hired. It's an entry-level lab job, but it's full time and permanent, has a great benefits package, and offers plenty of opportunities for advancement, especially since he has the requisite coursework (he needs the lab experience before moving any further up the ladder). Anyway, it's a very good thing. We're both thrilled!

now on to other stuff:

Friday Five

1. What do you most want to be remembered for?
I'd like my friends and family to remember me as a good, loving, and supportive person. It would be nice to be remembered as a good scholar and educator, as well.

2. What quotation best fits your outlook on life?
My mother told me years ago that "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." She didn't come up with this, of course; it's actually a quote from Nietzsche (though I also found it attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and as "Unknown"), but it kind of sums up my approach to adversity.

3. What single achievement are you most proud of in the past year?
Probably getting through the first year of my PhD program successfully.

4. What about the past ten years?
Being able to maintain, with much help of course, a seven-year-long relationship with Eric. That's an achievement that spans almost the entire ten years, and has certainly been the foundation upon which all other accomplishments, big and small, have been built.

5. If you were asked to give a child a single piece of advice to guide them through life, what would you say?
Make sure to maintain balance in all things: education and real-world experience, work and play, seriousness and goofing off, focusing on the need of others and your own needs. Not that I succeed in living by this advice, but it's something to strive for!

In other news:
I am a geek: 45.16765% - Super Geek, according to this quiz

I am also a complete flake: I have the day off because I dind't work last Friday, having requested a four-day schedule. So, the boss thought I wanted Fridays as my day off, and I thought I had to work because it was a four-day week (and I wanted Tuesdays off anyway, but I'm not sure I have ever actually articulated this). So, I was running late today, and flew into the office about ten minutes after I should have been there. My name wasn't listed with the others who are working tonight, and the canvass director asked me to come into his office - yikes! So, I walked in and asked what was up. He opens up a folder and rifles through some papers, picks one out, and extends it to me, saying "Here's your paycheck!" He thought I was there to pick it up: I thought I was in biiiig trouble for being late. *whew* So, I'm getting my hair cut tonight instead of knocking on doors in Bloomington. I'm also planning on getting some work done. Plenty to do here, so I'm relieved, actually, that I have an unexpected day off.

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