Sunday, May 04, 2003


Interesting hits from the referrer log this evening. Google searches about poems about technology and forgetting what's important - I am hit number 1. Hope that person found what he or she was looking for!

When I get done with papers and stuff, sometime around May 15, I am going to completely unplug for at least 48 hours. No screens of any type - ok, no monitor-like ones (because I have to go see the Matrix sequel - have to!). Otherwise, I think my eyes will bug out of my head, and my near vision will join the deteriorating march of my far vision. *sigh*

I also resove to take better care of the Memex over the summer. I am all about substantive posts that are not dashed off in 10 minutes as I am trying to get ready to go to class. Substance. You know, at one point in my life, I wrote a lot in the way of poetry and even a little creative stuff. I'm a huge fan of creative nonfiction, and believe it or not, I can be a decent writer when I put the time into it. I just haven't taken the time here, preferring to go for quantity (must post daily when possible, and weekly at minimum) instead of qulaity. Perhaps that's a trend that sould be reversed. Is it more important to post well-written mini-essays every so often rather than free-association stream-of-consciousness braindumps daily? Oh, probably. But that really wasn't the point of this blog. Perhaps my other blog (the newest in the flock - only 2 posts there) will be the receptacle for the more coherent stuff, and the rambling associational stuff will go here still - and the academic material will go over to emergence, the next-to-newest blog. Then what will I do with rhizomorph, my original blog that just won't die? Hmmmmm . . . perhaps I have too many blogs :)

Ok, I am now truly and officially procrastinating. I'm grabbing a caffeine pick-me-up and taking an eyestrain-preventative break form the screen, and then it's back to writing, rewriting, editing, and documenting the first paper of the semester. May the powers that be smile on me tomight - I need a little divine intervention (no Matthew Sweet pun intended, for anyone who might have thought that - otherwise, nevermind)!

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