Thursday, May 15, 2003


Just got an email about electronic submission of grades - reminding me that grades are available on the web the day after they're submitted this semester (unlike last semester, when we all had to wait WAAAAY too long for the date the U released the grades). So, of course, being a grad student, slightly nutty about grades and GPA, and so on, I checked my own marks for the semester. Have only one reported grade: Psych of Language. Anyone want to hazard a guess?

Oh, I suffered through that class, read all about fMRIs, Brodmann's area, the role of left and right hemispheres in discourse processing, and so on. I looked at ERPs and pictures of brain scans. I led class discussion on two days and helped out on another. Blood, sweat, and tears went into that class. And I got an A!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! So, after an earlier post where I wasn't as cordial, I'd like to say that it is very cool when professors actually encourage interdisciplinary work and are willing to let someone from a completely different field engage with and struggle with the material in their courses, and the professor who taught this seminar has certainly encouraged me to engage with material that is oceans apart from what I usually study. (it's also cool that some people are willing to overlook what is probably my most glaring character flaw: my lifelong struggle with the concept of 'punctuality') I guess it's good exercise for my brain, being made to stretch and contort in new, scientific ways. We'll just hope the computer science Artificial Intelligence course goes as well . . . scary! But I have until NEXT Spring semester to think about that. Oh, and then there's the fun prospect of oral examinations in my minor area - what in the name of all that's holy would be covered in a oral prelim exam on cognitive science????? Be afraid, be very afraid. I need a reading list for this puppy like, last year.

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