Saturday, May 24, 2003



I've had a busy few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. My average hits are down below ten again - happens whenver I take a few days off - whoops! Still canvassing, though I had yesterday off so I could get a few other things done.

. . . canvass update . . .

Canvassing has improved every night I have been out. Talking on the issue (wind power and some pretty off-the-wall legislation in the state of MN) has gotten easier, as has asking people for donations. I still need to improve, however. Tuesday is make-or-break day, I think. As in, I make my membership and fundraising goals or I might be nicely asked to not show up any more. Not the worst thing in the world - if I can't fundraise for the non-profit that pays me, then they shouldn't pay me, right?

(but then I have to go through the wonderful process of finding another summer job - noooooo!)

I'm wondering what is happeining with the energy policy legislation. Last check, the bills in both house and senate no longer defined burning coal, tires, and garbage as renewable, which is a positive step, but I missed whether or not the bills would still allow for the unlimited storage of nuclear waste on the banks of the Mississippi. Now honestly, just about anyone who doesn't work for the power company (and some that do, as well) can see that nuclear waste piling up on the banks of the Mississippi is just a bad idea.

and T.V. Shall Destroy Yur Brains

Can someone please either a) take the bunny ears antenna away from me or b) get me a functioning DVD player? Television has come back into my life, and while I don't watch a lot, I really feel myself getting sucked in from time to time. I think Eric's right: he said a while ago that his brain works differently without T.V. - and I think I liked the way mine worked when we didn't have television. Without T.V. there is no reason to say, "I'm bored. I wonder what's on the television?" or "Who's on Jay/Conan/Dave/insert favorite talkshow host here/ tonight?"

besides, I really only have time for a television or an internet habit - there aren't enough hours in the day to nurture both media addictions.

ebay rocks!

Oh, and I finally bought my first e-bay item today. I got the They Might Be Giants S-E-X-X-Y CD single, which I used to own and absolutely love. Then I left it in my trunk and my trunk leaked in a ferocious rainstorm, and I learned that even shiny silver discs can, indeed, um, become fuzzy. Come to think of it, I learned a lot of lessons on how to/not to treat CDs and tapes and articles of clothing left in the back window and exposed to uv radiation with that car. Ah, mom's (and finally mine!mine!) '88 Camry. Rosie was a good car, may she rest in peace.

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