Saturday, June 21, 2003


holy crap! the blogger interface is different! This is the forst post I've written using IE in, like, months (because I have discovered the wonderfulness that is Mozilla). Huh. I'll have to explore later on, but this looks pretty rockin'! Lots of buttons and scrollboxes and . . . and . . .

funny, you know, I was thinking as I logged in that I really, really was in need of a new blog (non-blogger blog, thanx) with a new template and a bit more spunk. Seems there's always something keeping me here at good ol' blogger!

So, I'm doing really well on this posting more regularly thing, right? But I'm frantlcally trying to make my life catch up with itself. At that point I might be able to take a deep breath and enjoy the summer a bit.

I very strongly dislike coding. After this past year, I hope I never have to code anything else ever again.

I've got to go get back to work so that i don't die of overwhelming guilt when I head to Old Chicago in a few hours (mmmm turkeyburger! still trying to decide if I am going to have a beer: I have been on a pretty no-nonsense diet for the challenge walk training, and that's been on the no-no list). I'm so good at painting myself into the insanely tight little corners (must do 5,000,000,000 things by 8 am tomorrow), but I'm also a decent escape artist. Thanks be for that, right?

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