Friday, July 25, 2003


The 'net: the new babysitter?

Would you be surprised to learn thatYouth spend more time on Web than TV? I'm not really all that surprised - nor am I blown away by the notion that the younger generation multitasks quite effectively while surfing. It is an interesting shift, but I think it was only a matter of time before it happened.

What, for some odd reason, popped into my mind while reading this article, though, was the Jim Carey movie, Cable Guy, and other tales, fictional and non, of kids being "raised" by the television. And, of course, the logical pattern for that to take: are today's toddlers going to be influenced by the net as much as previous tykes were by the tube? Or is it still more likely a parent would plop a kid down in front of Sesame Street or whatever variation of Barney is in circulation at the time?

I had a friend who grew up without television, and now I understand why parents might make that kind of choice. Eric and I did without T.V. for quite a while. But there's no way you could get me to raise kids in a house without a computer! It's unthinkable! And yet, computers and the internet have the potential to expose kids to waaay more "questionable" material. It's an interesting dilemma that we'll have to ponder later, as I must now shower and dress for a birthday party we're attending this evening. Should be a hoot!

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