Wednesday, July 30, 2003


One more RIAA/p2p link: the EFF gives swappers 'heads up' on subpoenas. For those who fear they may be on the RIAA's "list," the EFF is providing a web-based tool that allows users to check a database containing user names and IP addresses of those individuals for whom subpoenas have been issued. EFF says it provides advance warning for those who are subpoenaed and peace of mind for those not on the list. MacCentral does point out, however, that there is some lag time between the issue of the subpoena and the availability of the information in the EFF database. Since the RIAA is issuing new subpoenas daily, the EFF tool may be of only limited comfort for those who fear they may be RIAA targets.

- posted by laurie @ 7/30/2003 07:38:00 AM
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