Friday, August 22, 2003


File Under: EvenMore Poor Word Choices in the World of Intellectual Property

I have a hobby horse I like to ride when it comes to intellectual property: I think that the metaphors that ties IP to physical property are really not all that useful. The commons metaphor, with no offense meant to Lawrence Lessig and other Creative Commons evangelists, is really not a usable metaphor. IP doesn't function like the commons, even in an inverse manner. But today I found a new hobby horse: the whole piracy thing annoys me, but at least pirates were pirates - swashbuckling types who engaged in illegal activities without government charter (which, granted by a monarch, trnasforms a pirate into a privateer). Then I came across this: Operation Buccaneer. Do you know what a buccaneer is? Technically speaking, a buccaneer is not a pirate, though buccaneers may be pirates. Imprecise use of language. Frustrating.

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