Friday, August 08, 2003


More Good News

I was thrilled when I was able to register for the one course I really, really wanted to take this coming semester, but the coming schoolyear is now looking even better. I've been kind of upset of late that my cognitive science minor was probably going to extend my coursework by one semester, thus extending the amount of time until I complete my Ph.D. One of the required courses for the CogSci minor is "Philosophy of Cognitive Science," which is offered once every blue moon in the Philosophy Department. The professor who teaches this course is on phased retirement. An acceptable substitution for the philosophy course is a graduate seminar in Information and Decisions Sciences over at the Carlson School of Management. This four-credit class is offered only in the fall, and it just doesn't fit into my schedule for this coming semester. I already have a pretty full schedule, and the IDSC class is supposed to be very tough - a reading list longer than a comps reading list plus a heavy workload, including a final project as well as an exam that I have heard compared, again, to written comps. The lore surrounding this class is fairly intimidating. Supposedly only one person has ever completed all of the readings as assigned. Anyway, my plan has been to get all of my other requirements out of the way by the end of this year and to then (hopefully) begin reading for comps over the summer. During the fall of next year, I'd take the IDSC class, and that class only, and treat it as reading for an exam question in cognitive science. Unfortunate, but I didn't see any other way to actually get all of my coursework done, complete the minor, and maintain an acceptable (read: not overwhelming) course load.

For some reason, I decided last night to tentatively plan my schedule for the spring semester. There are two courses I have to take: a computer science course on artificial intelligence (also a scary requiremement for the CogSci minor which I might very well take pass/fail) and a Topics in Technology and Culture course taught by my advisor. I was perusing the catalog, trying to figure out if I wanted to take a third class or not, when I came across the listing for . . . Philosophy 8640 . . . Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences. Unbelievable. Amazing. Of course, I still have to get all of this approved, but at least the plan is better, now!

other good news

Eric got a promotion. Whee! He's been promoted two grades, and now has the cool title of "Technologist." Unfortunately, this also means he's moving to second shift, so our relatively complementary schedules are a thing of the past as of Tuesday.

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