Monday, August 04, 2003


One more article on the copyright front: David versus Goliath: eBay Sellers Take on Corporate America. A woman who sells hadmade items crafted from fabrics bearing copyrighted images (Disney, MLB, M&M/Mars, etc.) has had eBay auctions closed down at the insistence of several of these copyright-owning entities. Disney and other companies have claimed that her works are derivative, that she is using their trademarks without permission, and that she is infringing. She has fought back, however, and won - at least won settlements. Because she is tired of having auctions closed and of being threatened by large corporations, she's now determined to take the most recent challenger - Major League Baseball - through the court system and to get a judgement , not a settlement, in order to set legal precedent. Keep your fingers crossed on this one, folks! These guys made Disney cave, and hopefully they can secure a victory for the little guy!

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