Sunday, August 03, 2003


The previous post noted the obviousness of the Pew study conclusion that p2p users don't care about copyright. The following quote, however (and the story from which it came) nicely demonstrates why that is. From infoAnarchy || IP Wars: "What the RIAA has never understood is that while they are correct in their assertion of legal property rights, they have no moral authority. "

Now, arguing from a moral standpoint makes me a bit nervous, but I think the idea behind this quote is dead-on. Copyright owners have the law on their side - especially the large copyright holders that make up the content industry. But to consumers, the laws don't make sense, don't seem realistic or plausible, or, in some cases, just aren't known/understood. This setup is not a good one for anyone, really: all involved parties think they are doing the "right" thing. That's potentially dangerous, in my estimation. Of course, alternatives are being developed: p2p systems that are geared for the trading of legal MP3s only, as well as the Apple music store and other for-fee downloading systems. Ultimately, I'd like to see the free and legal p2p networks profit. This infoAnarchy article describes iRate Radio, an application that is supposed to serve free and legal MP3s and adapt to your tastes by using a rating system. Sounds promising, because the system facilitates the discovery of new (non-major-label) music, a problem with other p2p apps.

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