Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Referrer weirdness
. . . let's see if I can help out a little bit . . .

Lots of people end up here because I wrote a random post about drylighters. I love 'em. The Faber-Castell ones that are my favorite have been discontinued (well, they apparently still sell in Germany, but all US retailers have stopped carrying them). But Levenger has a similar (fancier) item, if you'd like to get your hands on one. Free advertising, but these things rock - erasable, won't show in photocopies, won't seep through thin paper, won't dry out after two weeks or leak all over your bag/briefcase, etc.

There are also apparently a number of fans of the automated gift shop who end up here. Some general info is here. If you're looking, it's apparently the Holiday Inn Minneapolis West that has the automated gift shop.

Finally, to the person searching on keywords "cannibal drymouth scientific" I say, um, good luck? I have no idea what this person could have been searching for. That they landed on a page in my archives is a fluke.

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