Thursday, July 31, 2003


Use Windows? Growing fears over net threat are related to a security flaw that apparently affects all Windows OSs. There is, of course, a patch available from MS.

The San Jose Mercury News covers this issue in "Government issues second warning on Microsoft security flaw," an article posted Thursday. The Mercury News notes that 75% of computers connected to the internet use an affected version of Windows. With so many computers connected and affected, a virus could spread rapidly throughout the net and have devastating effects.

The irony of the situation is that these warnings or alerts about Windows are being issued by the Department of Homeland Security - and the Department has chosen Microsoft products to keep us all safe and sound. The situation would be hilarious if it weren't so scary.

Moral of the story? Pay attention to the update reminder on the task bar or check the MS site regularly. Alternate moral to the story? Use a non-Windows OS - switch to Mac or Linux.

- posted by laurie @ 7/31/2003 11:14:00 PM
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