Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Because people come here looking for information about Vannevar Bush and his memex

(and because I'm low on time and ideas tonight)

I offer the following:

Googlism for memex

memex is the key to joined
memex is the key
memex is "a device in which an individual stores all his books
memex is a rumination on the many fascinating tropes of extended self
memex is an episodic narrative in 13 narrative steps
memex is hopeful that
memex is finally ready to deliver on its promise
memex is about visualizing the relationships between information
memex is like hypertext in many ways
memex is undoubtedly a browsing assistant for individuals and groups with focused interests
memex is really an enlarged supplement to man's memory
memex is found in a text that is rather unusual for a serious
memex is a transparent plate
memex is not simply its structure but the fact that it allows users to extend their own hypertext trail by
memex is not
memex is a device in which an individual stores his books
memex is a large project involving hypertext data mining
memex is also attached to a local network and to the global network
memex is a determined player for the most critical aspect of the rewritable replication process
memex is anticipated to be the issuance of up to 13
memex is generally agreed to be the starting point for these non
memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books records
memex is a device
memex is a browser
memex is a device in which an individual stores all his
memex is a device in which an individual stores all his books
memex is a device in which anindividual stores all his books
memex is closely related to hypertext and hypermedia
memex is a tool that allows the user to build 'trails' through any context with which you can trace a train of thought or investigation
memex is that it does not do any data analysis or summarization
memex is here
memex is its ability to tie two items together and to build trails through
memex is not actually a product that we see today
memex is an underwood
memex is a system to store any kind of information
memex is pleased to offer you a cost
memex is a device in which an individual
memex is ?a device in which an individual stores all his books
memex is a solution to the problem of information management
memex is
memex is a major event in the middle
memex is specialized in the design
memex is a vancouver based software company specialized in the development of broadcast tv program management systems
memex is not the size of a desk
memex is een toestel om de mogelijkheden van het menselijke geheugen uit te breiden door informatie te ordenen via associaties
memex is een apparaat waar een individu al zijn boeken
memex is the process of tying two items of information together; the basic idea of hyperlinks
memex is hypothetical machine
memex is to allow user jump from one idea to another freely
memex is in essence a personal computer
memex is a device in which an individual stores
memex is actually an operating machine that incorporated hypertext ideas
memex is our computer
memex is just a placeholder; the "winter" story may have more of a future
memex is generally recognized as the ur
memex is the protoypical hypermedia machine
memex is a system which consists of archiving and retrieving
memex is a pulgin for the internet browsers
memex is a device that would allow an individual to "store his books
memex is the name of the company i work for
memex is a group of professionals offering know
memex is remarkably similar to
memex is largely misunderstood

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Also amusing are the googlisms for blogger, blog, weblog, and related terms.

. . . and it took me a full two weeks to notice that blogger now has spellcheck for free accounts. boy am I happy about this! :)

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