Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Mr. Cool J and Mr. D Tell Norm Coleman and Committee Views on P2P

LL Cool J sides with the RIAA in defending recent lawsuits against infringers, while Chuck D sides with swappers, noting that he trusts consumers more than recording industry execs. Chuck D also notes that there's a problem of viewpoint on this issue: Cool J [and the RIAA?] operates in an American frame, while P2P is international, and "when you solely have an American state of mind, you're increasingly becoming a smaller part of the world.''

The article has another interesting nugget:
Celebrity: "In a Gallup Poll released Tuesday, 83 percent of teenagers polled said it was morally acceptable to download music from the Internet for free."

When legislation doesn't match up with the moral/ethical beliefs of those to whom the legislation applies, we've got problems. This beast is not going away. The sooner the recording industry realizes that, the better off they will be. If they'd realized that sooner, we wouldn't be in this situation, to begin with.

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