Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Apple PC iTunes hits 1 million downloads

This article says that Apple has had 1 million downloads of its iTunes for Windows software since the product launched Thursday, and that 1 million songs have been downloaded form iTunes, as well (but this is Mac and PC). Apple is on a campaign to hit 100 million downloaded songs by April 28, 2004, one year from the opening of the iTunes store.

I think Apple's got a pretty slick package put together here, and that the options offered (an allowance account for kids so they don't mommy and daddy's credit cards, for example) and the $0.99 price on songs, well, this is just the kind of thing that, had the RIAA-affiliated labels done something like this earlier, p2p wouldn't be the giant monster they're trying to battle now.

On the other hand, I think Apple's got some real image ambivalence going on: is this causing corporate or consumer cognitive dissonance beyond the tintinabulation between my ears?" 'Rip, Mix, Burn,' and oh yeah, buy iTunes songs for a buck each, but be sure and adhere to (c) on these - but rip, mix burn the others, wait . . . something doesn't make sense." Anyone who hasn't read Neal Stepehnson's In the beginning . . . was the command line, I'd highly recommend it, especially the bit about the car dealerships. If you know what I'm talking about, you know what I'm talking about. Apple's business practices are, historically, geared toward keeping their information pretty protected, too, so maybe the "Rip, Mix, Burn" campaign was a weird blip on the marketing radar.

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