Monday, October 27, 2003

Back - and zonked

Well, I returned safe and sound from Columbus last night, but was absolutely too zonked to blog, or actually do much in the way of productive activity. I watched a little TV and finished reading Wicked. Then bed.

Feminisms and Rhetorics was a fun conference. Next time I attend, I plan to go for the whole three days. Flying in at the end of the second day this time was kind of unavoidable, but I missed out on a lot. I didn't get to see the presentations of any of my friends, had little opportunity to see the panels that included big-name scholars in the field of feminist rhetorical studies, and honestly got to see very little of the conference - and the program looked great! Well, at least I got to take a scenic walk through Columbus (sarcasm, by the way). The scenic walk did result in a fabulous late lunch at a really good restaurant: middle-eastern, and I had this beautiful, delicious lentil dish. And then there were movies. Pay-per-view at the hotel provided two evening's worth of entertainment: Friday night a mixed Penn State and Minnesota crew indulged in the intellectually devoid Alex and Emma, which was just perfect for the group: a bunch of mentally fatigued women in need of romantic comedy. Saturday night, with only two of us left, my roommate and I settled in for a bit more serious entertainment in the form of The Life of David Gale. While this was a good movie, I ended up feeling almost betrayed by the ending.

Well, I had a weekend of conferencing, pay-per-view, premium cable channels, and airports (I had forgotten how much I HATE flying through Chicago: I barely made my connections coming and going, and had to run between concourses to make the flight back to Minnesoplis yesterday). Now it's back to real life! And considering that there's more sleeping in real life, that's just fine with me.

As to the things I was "pondering" over the weekend (see list two posts back), I found out:

- an email server went down. I hae email access again, but all emails sent prior to Thursday afternoon have now been deleted from my inbox. Apparently, they're working on the problem.

- still no idea on the template. Is there an open tag, maybe?

- business cards came in on Thursday. Eric took the call and didn't give me the message.

- the last three: who knows?

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