Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Catching up with the "Drafts"

Below are a handful of links I marked as drafts and never actually finished posting, mostly because of family visits and such. There's some linky goodness in this assortment: hope you find something that you enjoy!

from the "way too much free time" files:
An ascii movie of the rooftop fight scene from the Matrix

Memex links
The O'Reilly network published a short piece, "Back to the Memex," on Septeber 25. It's brief, but makes the case that, for as much progress as we have made with the Internet, we still fall short of Vannevar Bush's ideas.

Found a feminst news blog, feminews // the broadcast for broads. Updated fairly regularly, pretty good coverage. Check it out.

. . . and finally, a bit more about blogging
In this post, Tony Perkins of AlwaysOn , reflects on blogging, super-blogs, co-optation and business models in the blogosphere, and the definition of a "blog."

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