Monday, October 20, 2003

A Coffee Crisp Petition: Bring the Candy Bar to the U.S.!

The first time I went to Canada, my dear friend Lindsay (who is Canadian) introduced me to the wonders of Canadian candy. In particular, I fell in love with Coffee Crisp, and have been fantasizing about these delicious candy bars ever since. Well, having just returned from Toronto with a half-dozen Coffee Crisps (purchased with the last little bit of my Canadian cash before leaving for the airport), I am ok for a little bit - stocked up for a few days. But, given the wonders of the internet, I decided to do a little search and see if I could find Coffee Crisp in the States or perhaps if I could order them online. What I found was the Coffee Crisp Petition, a site completely devoted to praising Coffee Crisp and petitioning Nestle to bring the yummy candy here to the U.S. A lot of people love Coffee Crisp more than me, it seems: check out the stories section!

The links section of the Coffee Crisp site will point you in the direction of places to buy the candy bar, including, where one can purchase not only Coffee Crisp bars, but also Caramilk bars, Cadbury Burnt Almond bars, Smarties, all kinds of treats. Also, if you're a fan of the Lay's ketchup chips (or the smoky bacon, perhaps), you can get them here, as well! Another site that has a few different products is Panhandle Premium, though they don't have as wide an overall selection.

Mmmm, I think I'm going to go break into my Coffee Crisps stash!

- posted by laurie @ 10/20/2003 09:14:00 AM
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