Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Dems Kick Ass, GWB Responds in Kind

So, political candidates have been using the blog to communicate to voters for some time now. But since September 9, the DNC has been keeping supporters informed with "Kicking Ass: Daily Dispatches from the DNC," a party-supported blog. October 6 saw the launch of the Official Bush-Cheney '04 Blog. Media coverage of the events, at least that I have seen up to this point, has been right-leaning praise pf the Bush blog and slamming of the DNC blog - because of the name of the site (hey, conservative media, think about it: donkey = ass: it's not a "bad" word, and appears in both a standard dictionary and the Bible), and because the DNC blog is critical of Bush. Huh. Imagine that.

This, I think, shows a few things: first of all, more and more people, especially those in decision-making positions, are aware of the Internet and blogs - and the power that online communications tools have. Blogs, especially, are an alternative to traditional sources of news and information. (the question, though, becomes: how much of an "alternative" is a blog hosted by a political party or a candidate for office?) It also shows that the DNC and its assorted lot of candidates are out in front as far as the innovation curve goes: blog early, blog often, and let the Republicans play catch-up with sites started much later and apparently created as a response. Seems to me that action is much better than reaction. Additionally, check out the media ocerage of the Bush blog, and you'll get a nice case study of spin: how and where to apply in covering political developments.

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