Wednesday, October 29, 2003

DMCA Challenges Dealt a Blow

From PCWorld: DMCA Challenges Dealt a Blow covers the Library of Congress decisions regrding copyright exepmtions. Generally, exemptions requested, especially those dealing with fair use, were rejected. PCWorld does report, though, that some exemptions were approved:

The Librarian did allow exceptions in four cases: for decoding lists of Web pages or directories blocked by Internet filtering software, accessing e-books for which the publisher has disabled the read-aloud function, circumventing obsolete digital rights management devices that prevent access due to malfunction, and accessing computer programs and video games distributed in an obsolete format.

In a statement, the Librarian of Congress said that the decision "is not a broad evaluation of the successes or failures of the DMCA. The purpose of the proceeding is to determine whether current technologies that control access to copyrighted works are diminishing the ability of individuals to use works in lawful, noninfringing ways."

The approved exemptions expire after three years, and then proponents must argue and win their case again with the Office of the Librarian of Congress.

Why, oh why, can't Congress revisit the DMCA?

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