Tuesday, October 07, 2003

For CA, today is the day of . . . well, it depends on how it turns out.

Today is the day Californians vote to recall Davis and potentially elect someone else to run the state. Please, just don't let it be Arnold! As a former Californian, I'm watching things with much interest. Is the three-ring-circus almost over?

I'm following the latest on Google News throughout the day.

And I'm just waiting to see what kind of legal challenges come post-election day. Any guesses?

Here are a few snippets from a London Free Press News article:

Schwarzenegger did not address the allegations during his march and rally at the state capitol, his only scheduled public appearance yesterday, but said Davis "has terminated opportunities and now it's time to terminate him.

"Please bring me the broom," the Republican told a rally crowd of nearly 5,000. "We are here to clean house."

Schwarzenegger's opponents and supporters alike held signs referring to the harassment allegations, from "No groper for governor" and "Say no to Predators" to "Gray groped government" and "Gray groped our assets."

Now, come on. Can a guy with lines like that, never mind the 'groping' allegations, really get elected in a state like California? One Arnold line above is about as old as they come (and the broom/housecleaning bit is also featured in O Brother, Where art Thou), while the other is a cheesy Terminator reference - and not even a good one.


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