Wednesday, October 29, 2003


I have been following the coverage of the fires in California, as has much of the country. After all, my father lives on a street that backs on a canyon, and the last time that canyon burned was before I was born - according to long-time residents, the area is overdue.

This evening, I was half paying attention to the nine o'clock news while reading for class, when I heard an apalling figure: 90% of Lake Arrowhead is, well, gone. That's shocking, and it really brings things home for me: I skied in that area when I was a kid. My dad had good friends there, and we spent weekends up at the lake.

That figure alone made me sit up and watch the rest of the report, paying more attention to the situation. In part because I've been busy with school and conferences for the last week or so, I haven't really seen a report that made it clear how bad the fires are. My thoughts go out to all of the people who have lost loved ones, homes, and valuable posessions (tangible or sentimental).

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