Thursday, October 23, 2003

IM and Education

When I was at AoIR last weekend, there were any number of people wondering where the Instant Messaging panels were. Apparently, they're out there, though.

A paper by Robert Farmer prepared for the NAWeb Conference addresses IM technologies in higher education. The paper, Instant Messaging - Collaborative Tool or Educator's nightmare!, is pretty informative. There's a nice integration ostatisticscs and research from a variety of sources. And then there's this section, toward the end:

The Potential Faculty Nightmare!

Growing expectation of ubiquitous instructor access
Adds more time to faculty workload
Time Online!
Time Consuming!
Time Commitment!

Yeah, that's the problem with teaching with technology, is it not? Link from Ray Schroeder's Online Learning Update, which, even though it's on my blogroll, I haven't browsed in a while - and there are always such great links on that blog!

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