Friday, October 10, 2003

Is email dead?

I occasionally check out Ray Ozzie's blog, mainly because of an old interest in Groove as a collaborative space for writing courses (see this article I wrote a few years ago: it was edited down from 25 pages in a hurry, so it's not the best). Anyway, Ozzie has a post from October 1 discussing the death of email, especially in business settings.

I'd say that, in general, the arguments here make sense. As a student and educator working within the context of an academic institution, though, I can't even imagine living without email. Email is a primary mode of communication with my students and professors, at least outside of the f2f classroom environment. IF WebCT were a better application (or if we had an application that worked better, like Groove, maybe), perhaps more communication would take place there, but there's also the push-pull dilemma: WebCT makes users go to it, specifically, while email comes to users.

Email is dead. Long live email. Or something like that.

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