Friday, October 10, 2003

MediaDailyNews Shares Some Blogging Demographics

Suppose You Hosted A Blog And Nobody Came asks Paul J. Gough. Well, apparently, this is not at all a rare occurrence. This article gives come blogger demographics, as prepared for BloggerCon 2003 (which I wish I'd been at). Here's an interesting nugget:

" Perseus estimates there are 4.12 million blogs on eight hosting services. But the research company estimated that 66% - 2.72 million - haven't been updated in two months and that 1.09 million haven't been updated since the first day. The average duration for an abandoned blog was 126 days, according to the survey of 3,634 blogs."

I knew there was a high abandonment rate, and I myself have been guilty of serious blog neglect, but I had no idea that the numbers were this high. I wonder how many active, frequently-updated blogs there are out there? I'm also really curious to know what the stats are on the longevity of blogs: how long has the average blog been around for? how long does the average (ex-)blogger blog before throwing in the towel?

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