Friday, October 10, 2003

On Family Visits

Well, Eric's parents have headed off for a family reunion in Iowa, and we have our bed and apartment back - for a few days. We hadn't realized that they are returning Sunday evening, and will stay until Tuesday morning, at which point they hop a plane back to the Bahamas.

We've had a great time with Mom and Dad Johnson. We went to the MOA with them, and had an excellent dinner at Barley John's Brew Pub last night. Each of us had a delectable entree (I had bacon-wrapped venison with rosemary mashed potatoes and zucchini), a variety of Barley John’s microbrewed beer, and dessert: chocolate caramel pecan um, I think it was a tort. Anyway, it was delicious, and the server said it was a rarity for them to actually have it - the woman who does the desserts for them apparently doesn’t make it a whole lot.

I'm super-excited about the duckie bathroom stuff I received this week: a new bath mat, a hand towel, a waste basket, and a toilet brush/holder in matching Target duckie theme awaited me when I got home from school one day during their visit. Eric gets annoyed when I bring duckie stuff into the house anymore (and I'll admit, the bathroom is pretty saturated with things yellow and duckie), so this was great: I got new ducks, and since I wasn’t the one to buy them and bring them into the apartment, there wasn’t much he could say. :) Have I mentioned before how great Eric’s parents are??

The best part of their visit is really just getting to spend a bit of quality time with them. They, like the rest of our family, are so far away right now. It's wonderful to have a bit of time to just sit and talk, and not have to worry about long-distance phone bills. I am looking forward to spending the day with them on Monday, when we will have more or less the whole day to sightsee in the Twin Cities. It will be fun to show them around - there is a lot more here to do and see than in State College, PA, where we lived before the Twin Cities.

In order to hang out with them on Monday, though, I need to do some serious working over the weekend: two conferences coming up this month, and I've got to be ready to go! This semester is speeding by unbelievably quickly.

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