Wednesday, October 22, 2003

So Disappointed . . .

I was totally convinced the O.C. was back on the air as of tonight, but no, not until next Wednesday. Yeah, I know, it's a cheesy Fox show about people that are, at least in the fictional world of the series, about half my age (minus a few - I'm not quite there yet!).But, we all have our guilty pleasures, our dirty secrets, so to speak. And mine happens to be this series, at the moment. And no, I don't follow baseball, so I didn't know any better than to expect that TV would be back to normal tonight.

Well, it's for the best, anyway. I need to go get a new toner cartridge for my printer and then take up my usual weeknight position: cup of tea, highlighter, and pen on the coffee table, me sprawled across the couch, and a book open in my lap. This evening's selection: Aristotle's On Rhetoric, for my classical rhetoric seminar for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I've got office hours, then teach, then have class, then have to come home and pack/revise paper for the second conference in as many weeks. While many of my friends are already at Feminism(s) and Rhetoric(s) 2003, I don't take off until Friday afternoon. Which reminds me - I have double reservations, and need to cancel one of them.

All right, off to run errands. Perhaps there'll be a more interesting post later on!

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