Monday, October 06, 2003

U need us :) Clinic helps switch off text addicts [07oct03]

From the Herald Sun: U need us :) Clinic helps switch off text addicts [07oct03]: "Once viewed as a habit that at worst irritates teenagers' parents, the mobile phone phenomenon has been officially deemed a full-blown addiction, with dozens being treated for compulsive communicating."

An upscale clinic in London usually tapped for helping celebs with drug and alcohol problems is now treating people addicted to texting. One doctor quoted in the story says one patient at the clinic had developed a repetitive stress injury from too much texting.

Well, not something we have to be overly worried about in the US, from what I understand. Maybe IM addiction, but text not being as common in the US as elsewhere, maybe this is one excessive habit we can steer clear of.

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