Friday, October 24, 2003


to ponder while I am away this weekend . . .

Have I been unable to check my UMN mail, whether through webmail, POP protocol, or IMAP protocol, since yesterday afternoon?

Is my template for ONLY ONE archive page messed up, while all the others look fine?

Haven't my business cards arrived at Office Depot yet, when I was told they'd be ready this morning at the latest, and should really have arrived yesterday?

Did I throw away my travel sizes last week after the AoIR conference, when I knew I would need them for this weekend's conference (and I now have to stop at Target on the way to the airport to pick up new ones)?

Do I always seem to be able to wash something that I really shouldn't have (lip balm on this occasion), even after carefully checking all of my pockets?

Was there no hot water, and I really do mean none at all, this morning when I was showering?

- posted by laurie @ 10/24/2003 09:29:00 AM
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