Saturday, November 15, 2003

A Gripe

I wrote in an earlier post about how I was annoyed with AT&T Wireless. Well, it's eleven days later, and AT&T is still upgrading their systems "to better serve you. Please call again tomorrow, when our systems will be fully operational." For several days this week, they even got rid of the "call tomorrow" message and just had a terse, brief message saying that the services I needed could not be processed now. On Wednesday I was guaranteed that the system would be operational by the next morning. Thursday morning I was greeted by the same terse message.

Even better, and even more infuriating, is how AT&T handled my customer service complaint. I finally emailed customer service and told them how unhappy I was, and that my contract was expiring shortly, and that perhaps I would just take my business and Eric's elsewhere: he's still within the first thirty days of his contract, and so can cancel without penalty. Well, AT&T very nicely credited my entire monthly service fee for the last month - without me requesting such an action, and without notifying me. They also extended my contract through October of 2004, again, without asking me or informing me. I actually only found out about this because I called to see why my account balance was a wacky and low $6.00. Now, while I appreciate the service credit, I didn't ask for it, and I certainly didn't want my contract extended - especially as I was thinking about switching providers. My contract was supposed to run out on December 31, so I could have gotten new service then, or even before and just double up on payments for a few months. Now, however, I am stuck with AT&T, unless I want to pay their outrageous early termination fee. I really think this is deceptive and feel that I have been taken advantage of. Perhaps after I work off a bit of steam, I'll call back and complain, again.

And one of these days, I might actually get my phone service straightened out. With the already-two-week-long delay, however, I won't be holding my breath.

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