Monday, November 10, 2003

In-school Punishment for Out of School Blog Entries?

If you were a high school student and kept a blog, do you think the administration would have grounds for taking action on things you posted on your own computer in your own home on your own site? Well, take a look at this: -- News: INTERNET DIARIES: School discipline questioned. This poor kid not only got called into the dean's office, an in-school suspension, and a mandatory parent-teacher conference, but ended up getting transferred to another school: during disciplinary actions, it was discovered that he was zoned to go to another school. Another student was also called in at about the same time for entries that she had written in her online journal. Here's an interesting snippet:

Juhl and Scaduto both wonder how school officials got their journals in the first place: The firewalls used on Valley's computers block access to their Web sites.

Both think a fellow student turned in the entries. They also think they were disciplined before any administrator had read their complete journal entries, which would have given the proper context to the sentences that got them into trouble.

The state ACLU questions the grounds of these inquiries. Also interesting to note is that the first student published under a pseudonym.

I am so very glad to be out of high school!

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