Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Say, "aaaaah"

Sorry for being so scarce lately. I've been sick since early last week, but as of last Thursday, I went into hibernation for several days. I was trying to give the immune system a rest and hopefully kick whatever bug I had - but guess what? It kicked me back. After feeling briefly better Saturday and Sunday, I began to feel genuinely crappy again last night. And I'm now running yet another low-grade fever. I hate to admit it, but perhaps it's time to take advantage of the nice health insurance U MN gives us grad students, time to go to the doctor, and perhaps even get some antibiotics - and I hate taking antibiotics.

In other news, the clerical union here has reached a tentative agreement with university administrators. I am curious to learn the details of the new contract: who budged how much on what issues? That information has yet to be released, though. It will be nice to have things go back to normal at the U, and good to have clerical workers back inside buildings instead of shivering on picket lines.

Finally, AT&T Wireless is on the short version of my **it list right now (you go ahead and interpret: it's not the "IT!" list, I'll tell you that much). They've been updating . . . their systems . . . for four, almost five days now. Every day, each time I call, I am told to call back at X o'clock, a few hours down the line - and inevitably, the systems are still updating. I am a grumpy customer. And I want free stuff (namely, to _not_ pay for my upgrade phone: hey, I just got them a new customer, and new customers get better deals than loyal return customers. I want the same phone choices at the same prices as a new customer, dammit, especially after five days' worth of being on hold and getting jerked around!). I'll let you all know how the crusade for free stuff goes.

Yeah, one of the reasons I hate running a fever. I get bitchy. And wow - entitlement? Perhaps I need a tea and some more aspirin.

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