Saturday, December 20, 2003

Rarely do I agree with Norm Coleman, but . . .

in this case, I say, "right on, Norm!" Below is the reason why - a snippet from the NYTimes article on yesterday's Verizon decision:

Record Industry May Not Subpoena Online Providers:

"The judges sympathized with the recording industry, which has cited declining profits, noting that 'stakes are large.' But they said it was not the role of courts to rewrite the 1998 law, 'no matter how damaging' the practice of swapping has become to the music industry or threatens to become to the motion picture and software industries.
The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said the court's decision 'makes the need for reform of the subpoena process even more urgent.'
Sen. Norm Coleman, a prominent critic of the subpoenas, predicted that any efforts to broaden the 1998 law would 'face some serious obstacles' in the Senate.
'We clearly have to do a better job of getting law and technology and ethics into better sync,' said Coleman, R-Minn."

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